Morning peeps……Bella here.

I have been living in my furever home for nearly 8 months now. My hoomummy says that is a long time, and it is like I have always been here. It feels like that to me too.

I thought I would share what my days look like now I am here in the UK.

My hoomuns wake up early, but I don’t mind because as soon as they wake up I get breakfast! I have trained my hoomummy so that the first thing she does on waking is fill my bowl up with my favourite food. She also puts lots of supplements in which help keep me healthy. She’s got very good at it and I sit and wait patiently by my food mat (which has my name on it) so she knows where to put the food – its important to be helpful to the hoomans!

Once I’ve had my first breakfast then its back to bed with hoomummy for cuddles (for me) and tea drinking (for her). Hoomummy says she is not a ‘morning’ person – which is actually very good news for me as it means she likes to ‘come too’ sat in bed.

I try to help her wake up by giving her lots of nose kisses, head bumps and standing on her chest. I find this gives her maximum exposure to me. I have no idea how she must have coped before I arrived so I make sure that I perform this important task as dilligently as possible. I have found that sleeping hoomans really aren’t that useful so keeping them awake is a good thing.

Once she brightens up and starts to drink her tea then its time for my first ‘snooze’ of the day. Waking her up usually leaves me feeling very tired so its important that I get some rest ahead of my second breakfast.

This usually happens when hoohummy launches herself out of bed and declares that she has to go to work. I have no idea what her ‘work’ is (I think it involves jumping around a lot) which seems somewhat pointless to me. Once she is up though I get a second breakfast which is gratefully received.

Apparently I eat a lot which then makes me poop alot so at some point in the morning proceedings hoomummy will have cleaned my litter tray ready for me. I usually wait for my hoodaddy to start his breakfast before I use it though as it pleases him greatly when he can smell my poops over his breakfast. Strange I know but he is always very vocal about me using it so I’m guessing that means he is happy – who knows, these hoomans are very odd.

Hoomummy is usually now ready to leave for work, which means a third breakfast for me. She then gives me kisses goodbye and she is gone. Actually she always comes back in and out a few times as she has forgotten something, hoodaddy says she is ‘scatty’…….

Once hoomummy is gone I settle down for a serious snooze. I often sleep in my pink igloo which is next to hoodaddy’s desk. I like to be able to see my hoomans at all times as it helps me feel safe, and its important not to lose sight of your food source!

Hoomummy comes home a few hours later and then its time for my first lunch. This follows a similar pattern to my breakfasts, there are about 3 of them and as soon as my hoomans sit down for their lunch then I take that as the signal to use my litter tray again.

Afternoons are spent with hoomummy in her office. I help by sitting on all her pieces of paper, laptop, phone, anything that she needs. That way she has to stroke me to get to it. I tend to find that once hoomans start stroking you they usually forget what else they were wanting to do. Win-win for both involved don’t ya think!

I also like to spend some time in the afternoon looking out the big window at the ‘outside’. I don’t go out-out as it isn’t good for my health. It doesn’t bother me at all though and I have no interest in being on the other side of the window. I like to sit and watch though as hoomummy has a bird feeding station outside on the patio and I luvs to watch all the little birdies as they come to eat. There is something about those little birdies that makes my tummy rumble so I have to then tell hoomummy that I want a snack. I do this by prancing around the table where she is trying to work. It always does the trick and she fills my bowl up with the magic food again.

Once I’ve had more food then there are more snoozes to be had before dinner time. As I am feeling nice and rested from my day at this stage I find I like to have a play before dinner. My hoomans have provided me with lots of toys for this purpose and I love playing with them all. However, my favourite thing is to find a little stone, or piece of food that has maybe dropped on the floor and kick that around…..hoomummy says I am very good at football but also very good at pointing out she needs to sweep the floor!! Like I said earlier – its always good to help your hoomans.

After dinner we all go and sit in the big bed and watch ‘films’ on a screen. The hoomans seem to enjoy this part of the day and I make sure I position myself so I can see the screen to – although I usually fall asleep as soon as the film starts.

Film time lasts a few hours and then its time for supper before we all settle down to a good nights sleep. I am a good sleeper at night, but also make sure I soothe everyone to sleep with my snuffles and snores!!

I am usually exhausted with all the help I have given my hoomans during the day and sleep soundly until its time to start all over again the next day.

Its a good life and I luvs my hoomans and little home very much.

Until next time,

Bella 🐾😻

  • Bella came to us from Gods Little People on the Greek island of Syros. GLP are a truly amazing cat sanctuary who put their heart and soul into caring for a massive stray cat population on the island. I am currently raising money by doing 12 fitness challenges over the next year to help them build a new, bigger sanctuary. Follow the link here to find out all about it and if you can sponsor any amount – no matter how small – Bella and I will be truly grateful.

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