Hello and welcome to Barefoot Helen. I’m Helen and its great to have you here.

As a personal fitness trainer and yoga teacher, exercise and nutrition have always been important to me. But in recent years I have realised just how vital our mental health is to having a healthy lifestyle.

I like to call it a pyramid of health. Our mindset is our foundation stone and unless it is strong then changing habits around exercise and diet becomes pretty difficult to maintain longterm.

Barefoot Helen is my online space in which to share with you all I have learned on my own health journey, and also working with clients for nearly two decades.

Within this site you can find workouts, nutrition plans, and mindset tools to help provide you with an all round solution to your health and fitness issues.

There are several ways in which you can work with me:

  1. From My Heart to Yours – this works on creating a strong and positive mindset on which to create lasting change. This part of my site is offered to you FREE. To find out if that is something that resonates with you then head over here and have a read. You can sign up at the bottom of the page.
  2. Paid membership site – this is a monthly subscription costing £9.99 which provides you with a 5 daily HIIT workouts weekly. You also have access to my recipe library so you can supplement your daily exercise with healthy food choices. Please note that as a vegan, all my recipes are plant based. But feel free to add meat/fish/dairy as you choose. Follow the link here for more information.
  3. 8 week programmes – I offer a variety of 8 week programmes that work on more specific areas. All these programmes come with 3 workouts per week and a nutritional plan to help support that programme. (with the exception of the Yoga Intro programme which has no nutrition plan, but includes 5 sessions per week). Follow the link here for more information.
  4. Access to my deluxe membership site which gives you access to EVERYTHING listed above. That’s right – all my HIIT workouts, 8 week programmes, recipe library and nutrition plans. Follow the link here for more details.
  5. Work with me on a 1-2-1 basis. I take on individual clients who wish to work to more specific goals. I only work with 1 individual client at a time in order that they get the attention they need. Follow the link here for more information.
  6. Follow my weekly blog here where I share my training and what I eat. Or follow me at any of my social medias at the bottom of this page.

One of the most important aspects to making lasting changes is support. If you decide to work with me in any of the ways above then know that I offer my support equally to all. Watching clients have their ‘aha’ moments around their health and fitness never gets old.

I look forward to supporting you towards your own health and fitness goals.

Helen x