Hello and welcome to Barefoot Helen. I’m Helen and its great to have you here.

Barefoot Helen started life as my online space to share all things fitness, nutrition and mindset. And whilst it is still all those things, I feel it has morphed into something much bigger. 

As a woman, I have always felt there was something 'more' that I should be sharing. An ancient wisdom that I didn't quite understand, but that was definitely there in the background. 

I always felt more at home outside in nature, than I did in a brick built house. Material things mean little to me, and never have. 

It wasn't until I went through the process of the menopause that the wisdom that had always been slightly out of reach finally came into view. 

For me going through the menopause was so much less about the hot flushes, the weight gain, and the foggy head moments. It was a rite of passage to an understanding that as women we have been taught to deny. 

Our ability as women to nurture, to heal, and to have clear, wise vision of the world around us and its needs. 

Going through the menopause has been my 'ah-ha' moment. My awakening and my chance to reclaim the rite of passage that has long been denied us through fear around this transition. 

Fear that has been inflicted on us by a patriarchy which seeks to oppress the power women have when they are connected to their ancient feminine energy. 

Join me as I explore, discover and learn what has been hidden from us for so long. I have no idea where this will lead me but I am truly excited to find out.


Helen x